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Gyratory Compactor Servopac

Ref.: IPC0150

 AASHTO TP4, ASHTO T312, ASTM D6925, EN-12697- 10 and EN-12697-31
The research specification Servopac is a fully automated, servo controlled gyratory compactor designed to compact asphalt mixes. Compaction is achieved by the simultaneous action of static compression and the shearing action resulting from the mould being gyrated through an angle about its longitudinal axis. The Servopac allows you to set the required axial stress, gyratory angle and speed of rotation therefore enabling it to meet all the international gyratory compaction standards.


Vertical force: 0 to 20 kN +/-100N (with 1000kPa air supply)
Gyratory angle: 0 to 3˚C +/-0.02˚C
Gyration rate: 3 to 60 +/-0.1 gyrations per minute
Number of gyrations: 0 to 999
Specimen height: 50mm - 170mm
Size: 197(H) x 776(D) x 45(W) cm
Weight: 250kg
Mould Height: 270mm
Mould wall thickness: 10mm
Mould finish (inside):Smoother than 0.4 μm RMS
Mould surface hardness: Greater than 48 Rockwell C
Platen hardness: Greater than 48 Rockwell C
Mains power: 220–240V 50/60Hz 1A or 110–120V 50/60Hz 2A
Air supply: Clean dry air
Operating pressure: 800 to 1000kPa
Air supply capacity: 5 liters/second, minimum

The Servopac has a four column frame for superior rigidity.
Vertical stress is measured by a load cell and is accurately controlled during compaction. The gyratory motion is also servo-controlled enabling the gyratory angle to be accurately controlled during the compaction, irrespective of load.
The Servo-controlled operation of the machine allows vertical stress, gyratory angle and rate of gyration to be quickly modified from a hand-held control pendant or PC.
The PC ‘Windows’ interface also provides a screen to input test parameters and display and plot either height, density or angle against gyratory cycles in real time. Test data may be stored and retrieved or transferred to other software analysis packages. The Servopac is designed to comply with AASHTO, ASTM and European standard on gyratory compaction.
A number of ergonomic features have been designed into the machine for operator safety and minimal manual exertion whilst handling hot and heavy asphalt-filled moulds.
The mould may be slid from a bench directly into the compaction chamber. Then following compaction, slid to the pneumatically operated specimen extractor, therefore eliminating heavy lifting.
The compaction chamber is completely enclosed and the access door is fitted with safety glass to allow the operator to view the compression process. The door opens and closes automatically and a safety interlock prevents the machine from operating unless it is closed. An emergency stop button is also fitted.

Servopac user advantages:
• Servopac meets the AASHTO TP4, ASHTO T312, ASTM D6925, EN-12697- 10 and EN-12697-31.
• Handling of hot asphalt is made extremely safe and easy.
• The four column loading frame design provides superior stability.
• Measures shear stress during compaction.
• Servopac produces accurate and repeatable results.
• Vertical stress, gyratory angle and speed can be changed at the touch of a button.
• Windows (TM) based software displays comprehensive test data in real time.

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