Catalogue Mesure de la résistance au glissement sur routes

micro - Gryptester

Ref.: B0252

Portable Friction Measurement

micro GripTester has been developed to measure the skid resistance of any paved area or paint markings at walking pace. micro GripTester is based on the same measuring principles as the GripTester which is used world wide to measure skid resistance at traffic speeds.

The device can be used in many applications such as:

  • pedestrian areas
  • road, pavement surfaces
  • paint markings
  • reinstatements
  • man hole covers
  • accident sites

micro Grip Tester is a cost effective and dynamic alternative to Pendulum spot measurements.

  • One man operation (weight < 21Kg)
  • Continuous measurement (every 25mm)
  • Self-wetting
  • Stable
  • Same measuring principle as GripTester
  • Same measuring tyre as GripTester
  • Integrated GPS
  • No user calibration required
  • Measurement not affected by bends, cambers or inclines
  • Horizontal slope is measured and reported
  • Annual Certification

Dimensions: 510mm wide x 360 mm high 610/1200 mm length when push arm folded/extended

Weight: 21kg

Power Requirements: battery, full charge 6+ hours use

Distance Resolution: 25mm, configurable averages 1m to 10m

Test Speeds: Permissible speed range: 0.7m/s to 1m/s

Typical test speed: 0.7m/s (2.5kmph). Actual test speed will be recorded in the data file

Water Capacity: 1.7 litres

Water Film Depth: Configurable 0.25 to 1.00 mm

Range: 200m (water at 0.25mm film depth)

GPS Accuracy: <5m

Controls and Indicators: Touch Screen Colour LCD Screen Daylight Readable

Internal Memory: Internal Memory 1MB / 10,000m / USB memory stick, removable, 128Mb – 2Gb

Measuring Principle: 15% fixed slip (same as GripTester)

Measuring Tyre: Single measuring tyre with “ASTM” standard rubber and tested as per ASTM E1844. Provided mounted on a rim, fully calibrated and with a certificate of conformity.

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