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EDS Software

Ref.: S0SM.

Software EDS

The Software EDS.EXE of Soilmatic line of Proeti, is a program that allows acquisition, process and analysis of data generated during a test. It also allows the control of the test machine.

El software, depending on the number of purchased licenses, has predetermined and configured test, following desired Standard. Nevertheless you could create new test and modify existing ones.

Test configuration allows to you create data acquisition sequences, linear or customized. You also could record and register data with customized frequency and time, and modify these parameters during the test.

"Events" option will allow to you add new readings to already programmed frequencies. For example, you could record additional readings each 5 N, activate a continuous recording of data when it reached a point of deformation, end the test, etc.

The software can execute at the same time multiple test, and allow simultaneously display them.

During test execution you could stop or pause at any time, and restart them easily with any problem.

EDS software is the most advanced tool to control geotechnical test and soil mechanics.

The software is multilingual and Works with user selection.

An administrator can access and control all software parameters. He will be able to create new profile user and restrict the permission to access some menus.

For example, create a user that only can execute test but no modify configuration of them, or an user that just can access the calibration sensors menu.

The program is designed as well to allow remote control of it.

At the end of the tests, the software analyze and process the data, generating a report in Word format (customizable) or export to Excel files if desired.


The software has a test menu, when the user is able to

  • Create a new test
  • Delete test
  • Modify test
  • Create a free test

Another software characteristics

  • Back-up system of configuration of sensors, test, etc. Just with a “click” on the mouse you will be able to save the system information.
  • Automatic saving of test data in case of power cut, allowing restart the test.
  • Export data to .txt or Excel.
  • Multilingual


  • The software has a sensor menu where you can
  • Create new sensors
  • Delete sensors
  • Calibrate sensors
  • Edit the calibration of sensors

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