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EDS software and oedometer pack of test

Ref.: S0232/EDS.


The “EDS” software for soil tests is the most advanced in the market.

You will be able to configure test so as to comply with desired Standard Method, to program continuous data recording at predetermined values or by events. You will also be able to perform any type of test using the “free test” tool that makes possible to configure test to meet your needs using the required sensors. You will be able to include additional strain or pressure sensors in order to monitor interstitial pressure during consolidation. This and other utilities make EDS Software an integral solution and a powerful tool.

EDS Software records data with user customized configuration and displays real time results. Graphics display live sensors one by one or all of them at the same time. You will be able to choose between linear or logarithmic time scales.

EDS also has event utilities making possible to accelerate or decelerate data acquisition, test and data recording finish, alarm activation, etc. All data are recorded and stored for later analysis.

The results and graphics are printed in Word file format or can be exported to Excel.

The software allows the user to program “n” load steps that can be either incremental or decremental. It is also possible to configure their length. To start the test, simply place the simple on the test area and press the “start” button. The software controlling the test performance will apply the previously set load / unload steps. For example: if six load steps and two unload ones have been programmed, the system will start increasing loads and keeping them during the desired lapse of time. Once a load step is finished, the system will automatically proceed to the next load increment and so on until test completion. It is also possible to assign events to the test if desired; therefore, once a predefined value is reached the system will automatically move on to the next load / unload step.

As Soilmatic oedometer is conceived to automatically move on to predefined steps, an incremental consolidation can be completed in 24 or 48 h if desired.

EDS software record strain readings from a displacement transducer and applied load readings from a force transducer. This one allows the system to apply and maintain predefined loads and load increments.

Test results are displayed on the PC screen in real time and stored for later automated processing.

EDS Software allows you to:

  • View test performance on the PC screen in real time.
  • Analyze test results with post analysis software.
  • Directly print reports with Word or export them to Excel.
  • Software allows you to pause and resume a test or to easily carry on with it after a power cut.
  • The system displays total test duration and remaining time to completion.
  • If desired, the system will automatically finish test.
  • With a single PC, you will be able to control as many automated oedometers as you wish.
  • Software will control all the oedometers connected to the computer in an independent, automatic and simultaneous way.

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