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Système triaxial à six pressions

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Semi-automatic Six Pressure Triaxial System

The system can run with six different pressures at the same time: TUU (triaxial unconsolidated, undrained), TCD (triaxial consolidated and drained) and TCU (triaxial consolidated undrained). It makes also possible to perform permeability, consolidation and saturation tests.

This panel displays all the selected pressures simultaneously. The panel has two intakes, one for air and the other for water.

Air and water are distributed separately by Legris valves. The pressures are obtained, monitored and maintained automatically by pressure regulators.

The panel has four / six regulators, one for each pressure. If turned clockwise, the pressure increases and if turned anticlockwise, the pressure is reduced. These changes can be viewed in real time on the pressure gauge.

The only thing you have to do is “select a pressure value with the regulator”, that´s all. This will be maintained automatically by pressure regulators.

The system can perform a consolidation while a triaxial test or permeability is being performed by the press.

All readings are graphed in real time during the test and stored in a database in the PC for later processing. If desired, you will be able to apply corrections related to membrane thickness, paper drains, etc.


This system can be used with any triaxial apparatus. When used together with Proetisa’s Soilmatic Series Triaxial Machine the same software will select test velocity and any other parameter.

The standard frame test has a maximum load capacity of 50 kN. Higher capacity models are also available.



UNE 103402, ASTM D-4767, AASHTO T-297, COE EM 1110

Constitué de :
1 S0150 Presse triaxiale
1 V0029 Transducteur de force de 20 kN
1 S0239 Transducteur axial de déplacement de 50 mm
1 S0175 Transducteur de pression
1 S0240 Transducteur de changement de volume
1 S0219/1 Panneau universel sans pompe
1 S0220 Panneau régulateur de pression à six voies sans manomètres
6 S0169 Cellule à membrane air / eau
1 S0200 Unité d'acquisition de données à 16 canaux
1 S0234 Logiciel pour essais triaxiaux
1 S0150/1 Piston de charge
1 S0151 Cellule triaxiale
1 S0151/30 Adaptateur base pour échantillons de Ø 38 mm
1 S0151/42 Tête supérieure avec drainage pour échantillons de Ø 38 mm
1 S0150PC Ordinateur PC

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