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Autosaw - Automated Asphalt Saw

Ref.: IPC0300

Autosaw is an automated specimen clamping and sawing system for fast, accurate cutting of beams from asphalt prisms prepared in the PReSBOX or slab compactor and for trimming cylinders from the Servopac.
An easy-to-use spacer system sets the specimen position and allows 50 x 63.5mm beams to be cut without the need for measurement.
The saw blade advances and retracts to the home position automatically. Cutting speed is operator selectable for optimum specimen finish and throughput.

Blade diameter: 610mm
Max Cutting Depth: 150mm (using clamps) 200mm (Manual)
Prism length: Min 450mm
Blade Speed: 1400—1680 rpm (50/60Hz)
Net Weight: 380kg
Dimensions: 1,700mm high, 800mm deep, 2,000mm long
Blade traverse: Variable speed. Automatic stop and return at end of cut.
Blade cooling: Water recirculation pump and tank included
Air supply (clamping): 700 kPa min.
Cutting advancement: Automatic speed control with variable stop and retract control sensors
Power Supply: 5kW
Voltage: 400V 50Hz 3 Phase 208V 60Hz 3 Phase

  • Motor mounted on twin chrome-plated steel rails with sealed bearings.
  • Motor features dynamic braking to stop in < 1 minute.
  • The clamping and positioning system jigs may also be retrofitted to many proprietary table masonry saws, however some or all of the automated features may be lost. The system also allows 100mm dia. cylindrical cores to be quickly and accurately cut to 150mm length.
  • Pneumatic clamping of prisms
  • Numerous interlocks to ensure operator safety
  • Automatic advance and retraction of saw blade to home position
  • Adjustable cutting speed for optimum specimen finish and throughput.
  • Easy spacer system allows precise preparation of beams without the need for measurement. i.e. 50 x 63.5mm or 50 x 50mm other sizes optional
  • Unique clamping mechanism for cylindrical specimens minimizes specimen damage. Use of a sacrificial PVC tube produces a superior finish and minimizes edge chipping
  • An electronically controlled pneumatic specimen positioning system indexes the specimen to the correct length thus ensuring the specimen is cut precisely to length (150mm) with perfectly parallel cut faces.

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