Catalogue EN 1267-25A, 12697-25B, 12697-24, 12697-26, / AASHTO TP10-93, TP97, TP46, T307 / BS 598 Parte 111

Cyclic compression test jig - EN 12697-25:2005 Method A

Ref.: IPC0500

EN 12697-25:2005 Method A
The Cyclic Compression Test Jig is specially designed to meet the requirements of European testing standards. Easy to set up and use, the Cyclic Compression Test Jig is the perfect accessory to complement your testing system.

Precision engineered 
Easy to set-up and use 
Integrated LVDT holders 
Constructed using stainless and nitrite hardened steel Testing Standards 
EN 12697-25:2005 Test Method A

UTS Software
UTS 014 Asphalt Permanent Deformation Test
Characteristics of bituminous mixtures by repeated cyclic or optionally static axial load testing

Dimensions and Weight
Size: 265(H) x 215(D) x 215(W) mm
Weight: 12kg

Cyclic Compression Test

EN 12697-25:2005
This European Standard contains two test methods to determine the resistance to permanent deformation of a bituminous mixture by cyclic compression test with confinement. The test make it possible to rank various mixes or to check on the acceptability of a given mix. Confinement is used in order to obtain realistic test results for gap-graded mixes.

Test method A
A cylindrical test specimen with a diameter of 150 mm, maintained at elevated conditioning temperature, is placed between two plan parallel loading platens. The upper platen has a diameter of 100 mm (by an inclination the pressure area against the specimen has a real diameter of 96 mm). The specimen is subject to a cyclic axial block-pulse pressure.
During the test the change in height of the specimen is measured at specific numbers of load applications. From this, the cumulative axial strain εN (permanent deformation) of the test specimen is determined as a function of the number of load applications. The results are represented in a creep curve, from this the creep characteristics of the specimen are computed.

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