Catalogue EN 1267-25A, 12697-25B, 12697-24, 12697-26, / AASHTO TP10-93, TP97, TP46, T307 / BS 598 Parte 111

Uniaxial test Jig - EN 12697-25, BS 598 Parte 111, AS 2891.12

Ref.: IPC510

Normas EN 12697-25, BS 598 Parte 111, AS 2891.12

The Uniaxial Test Jig is designed to meet the requirements of a range of testing standards. Versatile and easy to set up, the Uniaxial Test Jig is the perfect accessory to complement your testing system

• Precision engineered
• Easy to set-up and use
• Integrated LVDT holders
• Available for 100mm and 150mm specimens
• Constructed using stainless and nitrite hardened steel
Testing Standards
• BS 598 Part 111
• AS 2891.12
• EN 12697-25A:2005
Dimensions and Weight
100mm Specimen Jig
Size: 265(H) x 155(D) x 155(W) mm
Weight: 6kg
150mm Specimen Jig
Size: 265(H) x 215(D) x 215(W) mm
Weight: 12kg

Dynamic Creep (Permanent Deformation) Test

The deformation test would typically be used to gauge the relative performance of asphalt mixes for road pavement design by determining the long term rutting performance. The test measures permanent deformations and strains in the vertical axis of the specimen under load.
During operation of the test, the operator may select a continuous cyclic, repeated cyclic pulse then rest, or static loading stress to be applied to the vertical axis of a specimen. The resulting deformation in the vertical axis is the measured and displayed. An optional additional control axis is available for the application of confining stress.
The test procedures the following properties wich are tabulated and charted as a test proceeds:
Vertical accumulated permanent deformations and strains.
Cyclic repeated loading and seating stresses, or, the static loading stress.

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