Catalogue EN 1267-25A, 12697-25B, 12697-24, 12697-26, / AASHTO TP10-93, TP97, TP46, T307 / BS 598 Parte 111

TSRST Thermal Stress Re3strained Specimen Tensile Strength to AASHTO TP10-93

Ref.: IPC0530

Used in conjunction with one of Universal Testing Machines and environmental chambers, the TSRST fixture allows engineers to perform Thermal Stress Restrained Specimen Tensile Strength tests to AASHTO TP10-93. This method determines the tensile strength and temperature at fracture of compacted bituminous asphalt mixtures by measuring the tensile load in a specimen which is cooled at a constant rate while being restrained from contraction.
• Fixture fully complies with AASHTO TP10-93
• Self-aligning couplings for true axial alignment
• 25kN capacity
• Specimen Platens 150mm dia, 50mm thick
• 2 x LVDT Displacement Measurement
Range: +/- 0.5mm
Resolution: < 1μm
Accuracy: +/- 0.1% full scale
• Invar Rods provide low thermal expansion for accurate displacement measurement over the full temperature gradient
• Use of load frame alignment for mounting specimen on platens
• Optional Specimen Alignment Stand
• Threaded rods to safely support specimen and fixture after fracture

Temperature Measurement
3x On-Specimen RTDs and
1x Air temperature RTD
Range: -60˚C to +60˚C
Resolution: < 0.1˚C
Accuracy: +/- 0.5˚C
IMACS digital controller and UTS user-friendly software are also available for performing the AASHTO TP10-93 test.

How it works
A cylindrical or prismatic asphalt specimen is fixed to the TSRST platens and an initial tensile load is applied. The specimen is then cooled at a constant rate whilst the specimen is held at a constant length. The thermally induced strain is monitored up until the point of fracture.
The results can be used in pavement design to reduce thermal cracking and improve the lifecycle of bituminous asphalt pavements.

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