Catalogue EN 1267-25A, 12697-25B, 12697-24, 12697-26, / AASHTO TP10-93, TP97, TP46, T307 / BS 598 Parte 111

Automatic triaxial cell - Standard EN 12697-25, NCHRP 9-19, 9-29, AASHTO TP97

Ref.: IPC0540

Standard EN 12697-25, NCHRP 9-19, 9-29, AASHTO TP97

 Designed and manufactured to high precision and quality, the Automatic Triaxial Cell provides a versatile, user friendly and accurate device for testing applications where lateral confinement of the specimen is required. This triaxial cell is suitable for a range of materials including asphalt, soils and unbound granular materials.

• Automatic pneumatically operated lift cylinders that raise and lower the cell wall
• Fitted with pressure relief valve for greater safety
• Crystal clear heavy duty acrylic cell wall for maximum visibility of specimen
• Low friction loading shaft
• Capable of operating between -15°C to +60°C
• Provision for pressure and temperature transducers
• Provision for up to 3 (internal) on specimen transducer
• Cell pressure up to 275kPa

Testing Standards
• EN 12697-25:2005 Test Method B
• NCHRP 9-19
• NCHRP 9-29

Dimensions and Weight
Open Height: 655mm
Closed Height: 405mm
Width: 418mm
Weight: 50 kg
Air Supply
Confining Air: Clean Dry Air 400 to 500kPa  2 litres/second
Lift Cylinder Air: 400 to 500kPa
Negligible air consumption

Testing Made Easy
To facilitate quick, simple and easy operation, we have developed the Automatic Triaxial Cell. To minimize disturbance to the sample and reduce heavy lifting. We have incorporated innovative pneumatic lift cylinders into the design. These are computer controlled and automatically raise and lower the cell wall to give you complete 360º access to the specimen.
Top mounted LVDT displacement transducers with extension rods enable accurate measurement of specimen deformation and compliance with a range of international standards, including EN 12697 Part 25 Test method B.

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