Catalogue EN 1267-25A, 12697-25B, 12697-24, 12697-26, / AASHTO TP10-93, TP97, TP46, T307 / BS 598 Parte 111

Universial Triaxial Cell - Standars AASHTO T307, TP46

Ref.: IPC0550

Standars AASHTO T307, TP46
Designed and manufactured to high precision and quality, the Universal Triaxial Cell provides a versatile, user friendly and accurate device for testing applications where lateral confinement of the specimen is necessary. This triaxial cell is suitable for a range of materials including asphalt, soils and unbound granular materials.
To comply with AASHTO T307 and AASHTO TP46 the cell incorporates low friction linear (Thompson) ball bushing for the loading shaft to keep fiction to a minimum and facilitates two LVDTs and mountings brackets for precise direct shaft position measurement.

• Low friction linear (Thompson) ball bushing on loading shaft (AASHTO/T307).
• Limited acrylic (see through) area for greater safety.
• Fitted with pressure relief valve for greater safety.
• Facilitates external axial strain transducer mounting system (as recommended in AASHTO TP46/T307).
• Facilitates up to three “through the wall” radial strain transducers.
• Facilitates internal temperature measurement.
• Provision of up to five electrical “feed through” connectors (three provided as standard) to accommodate internal transducers.
• Provision of anchor points for the bottom platen and triaxial cell, to facilitate direct tension testing.

Sizes & Dimensions
Maximum working pressure 700kPa (water); 400 kPa (air)
Specimen sizes convert in seconds. Other specimen sizes can also be accommodated.
150mm dia. x 300mm (specimen size)
100mm dia. x 200mm (specimen size)
A range of top and bottom platens are available to accommodate various specimen sizes (metric and US customary sizes).
Loading Shaft Travel 160mm
Dimensions 300mm dia.; 600mm (H)
Weight 37kg

How it works
The cell’s innovative modular design allows you to perform tests on a variety of specimen sizes (up to 300mm high) whilst still maintaining good visibility of the specimen during the test and keeping the three through-the-wall ports for on specimen radial strain transducers positioned at the centre of the specimen.
Use water or air for confinement to achieve pressures up to 700kPa or 400kPa respectively. The cell also incorporates provision for internal temperature measurement and up to 5 electrical connections (3 Swiss made connectors fitted as standard) for on-specimen transducers.
A range of top and bottom platens is available to accommodate various specimen sizes (metric and US customary units). By combining the Universal Triaxial Cell with an Universal Testing Machine, IMACS digital controller and UTS software gives you a flexible, powerful and user friendly system that meets international test standards.

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