Catalogue EN 1267-25A, 12697-25B, 12697-24, 12697-26, / AASHTO TP10-93, TP97, TP46, T307 / BS 598 Parte 111

Integrated Multi-Axis Control System - IMACS

Ref.: IPC0800

Integrated Multi-Axis Control System (IMACS) delivers leading-edge performance, unparalleled control and the ultimate in flexible data acquisition. For servo-controlled testing machines, the IMACS provides excellent waveform fidelity from integrated acquisition and control functions, at speeds of up to 5kHz simultaneously on all channels.


• 2 axis control and 8 channel data acquisition as standard, upgradeable up to 8 axes control and 32 channel acquisition.
• USB communications port at 10Mb/s or RS-232 communications port at 115kb/s
• Data acquisition speeds of up to 5kHz simultaneous for all channels
• 4x oversampled data acquisition for low noise performance
• Up to 20bit auto-ranging data acquisition
• Analog inputs are software selectable for x1, x4, x16 or Auto gain ranges
• Analog inputs are auto calibrating on power-up
• Flash based firmware allows field updates of all modules
• 8 low noise ‘normalised’ analog input channels
• Up to 3 analog inputs can be used for feedback for each axis
• 12 Digital inputs
• 8 Digital outputs
• 2 channel, 16bit Digital to Analog output which provide flexible driver configuration (bipolar, unipolar, current or voltage)
• 2 solenoid driver outputs per module
• Capacity for up to 4 I/O modules, configurable as acquisition, split axis-acquisition/control or dual axis control
• Size: 270(H) x 350(D) x 460(W) mm
• Weight: 11Kg
• Mains power: 220-240V 50Hz or 110-120V 60Hz

Leading edge control with:
• Real-time digital computer control for servo controlled testing machines
• Excellent waveform fidelity from the integrated channel acquisition and control functions at speeds up to 5kHz, simultaneous on all channels
• Low data noise performance with 4x over-sampled data
• Exceptional data resolution and control with up to 20bit auto-ranging data acquisition
• Flash based firmware allows field updates of all modules
• USB communication port at 10Mb/s
• Total confidence in measurements taken from analogue inputs that auto-calibrate on power-up UTS Software
• UTS is test and control software. Developed over 20 years it is appreciated by users for its simplicity, clarity and analytical power.
• Powerful and professional Delphi software with real-time graphs for monitoring the specimen under test
• Portable data files for remote viewing, analysis and troubleshooting
• Transducer allocation map allows input channel assignment to test function
• Software selectable transducer calibration and linearisation
• Configurable real-time transducer levels screen
• User customisable test ‘templates’ streamline the testing process
• User selectable test termination sequences
• Virtual machine control pendant for control of all servo axis, power pack pressures and automated frame crosshead position
• Integrated machine status monitoring.

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