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Universal Cyclic Triaxial System

Ref.: IPC0920

Universal Cyclic Triaxial System (“UCT system”)
IPC Global’s innovation in design has resulted in the system exceeding many electro-hydraulic testing machines; but at a fraction of their price.

Load Frame Activator
The IPC Global Universal Triaxial System uses our world class UTM-14P two column load frame, with a servopneumatic actuator with internal displacement transducer. The high performance servo valve allows a sinusoidal loading frequency up to 70Hz and can reproduce any wave shape or vibration signature. This makes the system ideal for simulating and investigating earthquake tremors as well as quantifying liquefaction potential of soils and silts.

Triaxial Cell
The system uses IPC Global’s world class triaxial cell, designed with a high quality clear acrylic chamber for maximum visibility and safety, capable of working up to 1,700 kPa. The cell has an
attractive and practical design with the top and base precision machined from high quality anodised aluminium. It has an easy access test chamber with three easy-turn knobs and five volume-change valves aligned on one side for maximum convenience. Teflon coated loading shaft runs inside double linear bushing along with special seals for minimum friction.

Automatic Volume Change Apparatus
The apparatus is used for measuring the volume change of a soil sample.
Has limitless capacity, is accurate to better than ±0.05 ml and is easily de-aired in seconds. The
Universal Cyclic Triaxial System is designed with closed loop control of axial load, cell pressure and back pressure. Combined pressure/volumechange apparatus with auto-refill allows tests to run uninterrupted for infinite volume change.

Distribution Panel
Light weight and easy to follow diagrammatic distribution channel, which can be wall mounted
for easy access.

Air/Water Bladder
Provides pressurisation to the sample and is capable of operating continuously at a maximum pressure of 1000 kPa.

Servo Reservoir Assembly

IMACS Controller
The heart of all IPC testing systems is the Integrated Multi-Axis Controller System (IMACS), which provides the user with revolutionary, leading-edge performance, delivering unparalleled
levels of control and the ultimate in flexible data acquisition.
The IMACS allows for real-time digital computer control with excellent waveform fidelity from the integrated channel acquisition and control functions at speeds up to 5kHz, simultaneous on all channels with 20bit auto-ranging data acquisition.
The IMACS produces superior low noise data with 4x over-sampled data and selectable filtration.
With the IMACS you have total confidence in measurements, with analogue inputs auto-calibrated on power-up. Flash based firmware and USB communication ports at 10Mb/s gives enhanced connectivity and allows for field updates of all modules.

IPC Global’s purpose designed UTS software is based the powerful and professional Delphi. With numerous applications for testings soil and unbound granular materials it displays real-time graphs for monitoring the specimen under test, displays live transducer levels and allows playback of vibration signatures with up to 40,000 data points for maximum resolution.

UTS PLAYBACK FILE CONVERTER Import or create your own custom vibration signatures with up to 40,000 data points for maximal signal resolution.
TUNING PARAMETERS Easy to navigate menus to allow you to set up your test parameters with minimal hassle.

CONSOLIDATION STAGE Colour coded graphic displays for Cell Pressure, Back Pressure, Pore Pressure and Sample Volume Change versus Time.

MONOTONIC SHEAR RESULTS Concise and meaningful data display with selectable transducer readings.

APPLY SIGNATURE AS CYCLIC SHEAR PARAMETER Simulate real world events from violent earthquake to sedate ocean waves.

SATURATION STAGE This stage is flexible and allows for different test methods to be used, capable of applying
incremental cell, back and pore pressures

STRESS PASS RESULTS Allows you to set up and monitor all of your test transducers with real time mapping of test results in an easy to read graphical interface.

CYCLIC SHEAR RESULTS Shows Axial Stress in Compression, Axial Stress in Extension, Double Amplitude Axial Strain, Axial Strain in Compression and Axial Strain in Extension.

Wide range of applications including:
• Replicate and investigate earthquake tremors
• Quantify liquefaction potential of soils & silts
• Assess the impact of vibration on local soil types
• Accurately determine cyclic or dynamic loading on foundations
• Conduct conventional testing - saturation, isotropic & anisotropic consolidation & shear parameters included
• Improve the foundation design of new and existing structures
• Evaluate vibration effects on existing structures and historic buildings

Key Features :
• Design your own unique vibration test and reproduce any vibration signature
• Triaxial cell assembly is simple and straightforward
• Ingenious vacuum attachment
• Capable of simulating vibration patterns with the wide frequency range
• Combined pressure/volume-change apparatus with auto-refill allows tests to run uninterrupted for infinite volume change
• Virtual infinite stiffness with auto compliance correction
• Crystal clear heavy duty cell wall provides unobstructed specimen viewing and safe management of cell pressure
• Submersible internal load cell for precise stress measurement, confidence and repeatability

• Cyclic Axial Strength and Strain Tests
• Cyclic Back Pressure Test
• Cyclic Confining Pressure Test
• Cyclic and Monotonic Shear Strength Tests
• Damping Ratio
• Liquefaction Potential
• Unconfined Compression Test
• Quick Undrained Test
• Stress Path and Strain Path Tests
• CU Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Tests
• CD Consolidated Drained Triaxial Tests
• UU Unconsolidated Undrained (stress strain test)
• Resilient Modulus and Shear Modulus
• Sine, haversine, triangle and square waveforms
• User-defined waveforms of 40,000 point description.

Maximum axial loading +/- 11kN*
Load Cell +/- 25kN Submersible
Ram Displacement 50mm*
Ram Displacement Transducer 50mm*
Specimen sizes
Standard—100mm & 70mm, Non-Standard sizes available
Maximum axial frequency response 70Hz
Maximum test application frequency Typically 5Hz
Maximum dynamic cell pressure frequency 1Hz
Cell Pressure Up to 1000kPa*
Back Pressure Up to 1000kPa*
Control Modes
Force, Stress, Displacement, Strain
Dimensions Modular design to fit all laboratories
Weight Total system up to 250kg
Operating Environment 5°C to 30°C
Electrical power requirements 220—240V 50/60Hz 600W or 110—120V 50/60Hz 600W
* Load and pressure achievable with 10 bar compressed air supply.

The UCT System performs tests to the following standards:
ASTM D 5311 Standard Test Method for Load Controlled Cyclic Triaxial Strength of Soil
ASTM D3999-91 Standard Test Methods for the Determination of the Modulus and Damping Properties of Soils Using the Cyclic Triaxial Apparatus
BS 1377-8 Soils for civil engineering puposes - Shear strength tests (effective stress)
AASHTO T 307 Standard Method of Test for Determining the Resilient Modulus of Soils and Aggregate Materials (with additional hardware).

The UCT System test stages include:
Saturation with B value, Consolidation, Isotropic and Anisotropic Consolidation, Ko consolidation, Cyclic and Monotonic shear stages; and, Pore Pressure & Volume Change.

IPC0921 - Cyclic Triaxial Cell
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