Catalogue Triaxial - Cyclic Triaxial

Cyclic Triaxial Cell

Ref.: IPC0921

Cyclic Triaxial Cell. Designed and manufactured to IPC Global’s high precision and quality, the Cyclic Triaxial Cell provides a versatile, user friendly and accurate device for testing applications where lateral confinement of the specimen is required. This triaxial cell is suitable for a range of materials including soils and unbound granular materials.

• Crystal clear heavy duty acrylic cell wall for maximum visibility of specimen
• Teflon coated loading shaft
• Easy access to the test chamber with three easy-turn knobs
• Top and base are precision machined from high quality anodised aluminium
• Provision for a range of submersible load cells
• Cell Pressure up to 1000kPa
• Back Pressure up to 1000kPa
• Tested up to 1500kPa
Testing Standards
• ASTM D5311
• ASTM D3999-91
• BS 1377-8

Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions: 540(H) x 390(D) x 350(W) mm
Weight: 23 kg
Specimen sizes: Standard – 100mm & 70mm
Non-Standard sizes available

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