Catalogue Triaxial - Perméabilité - cellules triaxiales

Perméabilité - cellules triaxiales

Ref.: SM

This system has been developed for the laboratory measurement of the hydraulic conductivity (coefficient of permeability) of water saturated porous materials. The test is performed using a triaxial cell fit with 5 no-volume change valves: 2 for upper drainage, 2 for lower drainage and 1 for water pressure. The cell is connected with three independent pressure systems for the cell fluid, the  drainage line to the top of the specimen and the drainage line to the base of the specimen. The complete test system includes:
Triaxial cell with accessories for 38, 50, 70 or 100 mm specimens
Pressure control panel, three pressure lines (Go to Triaxial -Pressure systems)
De-airing water system and accessories
The permeability cells are available with severals diameters

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