Catalogue SOILMATIC - Consolidation - Oedomètre automatique.

Automatic oedometer 10 kN

Ref.: S0105/SM10


Proetisa’s automated Soilmatic oedometer is an innovative tool replacing traditional oedometers that required the operator to manually place loads.

Proetisa’s Soilmatic series SEA is an automated and computer controlled system with an incremental load controller. Loads are applied or removed without needing to use compressed air systems nor place / remove loads by hand. Tests are fully automatized without human intervention. EDS software makes possible to program great number of incremental load steps in advance, therefore when one of the steps is completed, the system will automatically proceed to the next one. With our automated system it is possible to carry out any test performed with traditional oedometers: oedometer consolidation, free swell, pressure swell, collapse tests, etc. as well as sample consolidation for direct shear tests, etc.

Unlike traditional oedometers, Soilmatic is compact and extremely small and there is no need for additional room to stow weights. 

With the Soilmatic oedometer, laboratory operators will be available to carry out any other task. One single machine can reliably accomplish the task performed by various traditional oedometers, thus reducing costs and increasing productivity while delivering reliability and accuracy.

Features and Advantages

Operator’s  intervention is not required to place weights

Load steps or increments will take place day or night, at any moment, without operator’s intervention.

There is no need for external, noisy compressed air systems.

Considerably quicker test performance due to system automation.

Increase in test results accuracy

Possibility of free testing development.  Sample consolidation meeting special requirements. For example:  consolidation with controlled pore pressure at very low speed.

Automated data recording system for its later processing and reporting.

PID control allowing accurate load application ranging from 1N to 10kN (unlike pneumatic systems that are typically inaccurate at low load values)

“N” load steps can be selected, either incremental or decremental, as well as combined sequences of both types.

Special oedometer cells are not required. Older cells can be used with this system.

The system can be upgraded to CVC (Constant velocity consolidation).

Load is quickly and accurately applied without affecting the sample due to PID control.

 EDS software allows you to:

• View test performance on the PC screen in real time.

• Analyze test results with post analysis software. 

• Directly print reports with Word o export them to Microsoft Excel

• Software A.I. allows you to pause and resume a test or to easily carry on with it after a power cut.

• The system displays total test duration and remaining time to completion.

• If desired, the system will automatically finish tests.

Technical features

Standard sample size: up to 200mm (8”)

Standard maximum load (Up to 50 kN): 10kN

Vertical clearance: 145 mm

Distance between columns: 290 mm

Piston stroke: 30 mm

Dimensions (L x W x H) 480 x 550 x 760 mm

Weight 82 Kg

Power supply: 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz, One phase


UNE 103 602, UNE 106 601, UNE 103406, UNE 103-405.

ASTM D2435 Method B. ASTM D3877, ASTM D4546

AASHTO: T216, BS: 1377:5, EN ISO/TS 17892/5

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