Catalogue SOILMATIC - Multi-test Automated CBR Testing System

Automated CBR Testing System

Ref.: S0150/SM..

SOILMATIC - Automated CBR Testing System

The CBR (California Bearing Ratio) test is a penetration test for evaluation of the load-bearing capacity of soils used for building roads. The SOILMATIC CBR Testing System consists of a CBR sample setup with an Advanced Triaxial Frame with a computer control. The motor of triaxial frame is controlled for a computer / software. The machine allow you to do laboratory CBR testing. The software provides accurate speed control to conform to BS1377, ASTM and EN standards.The accessories are all manufactured to a very high standard in a non-corrosive material.

Characteristics :

Cross beam adjustable in height

Micros for stroke limits

Test frame characteristics

Load capacity : 50 kN

Maximum vertical clearance : 900 mm

Minimum vertical clearance: 430 mm

Horizontal clearance : 290 mm

Plate diameter: 180 mm

Plate stroke: 100 mm

Dimensiones: (L x W x H) 480 x 550 x 1480 mm

Power supply: 220 V One phase. 50 Hz

Weight: 105 kg

Soilmatic CBR Software:

The soft will build in real time the graphic force vs penetration

Software easy setup

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