Catalogue SOILMATIC - PC controlled Load Frame with speed regulation for simple soil compression

PC controlled Load Frame with speed regulation for simple soil compression 50 kN

Ref.: S0355/SM50

Total control through PC and Software

The Soilmatic load frame provides compression testing for a number of geotechnical tests, and small rock samples, that must have accurate control of the rate of displacement during loading.

With accessories, the unit can perform unconfined compression (soils compression), CBR, and triaxial shear phase testing.

Consists of a two column rigid test frame and a cross beam adjustable in height by threaded nuts. Fitted with a ball-andsocket joint and electronically actuated motor with ball spindle, this machine makes possible to modify test velocity in infinitesimal increments. Provided with a safety end of stroke that stops the lower plate, it also has an outer casing.

When using EDS Software together with Soilmatic, test velocity and maximun stroke are configured with the PC. Automatic return plate and some other options can also be enabled. The “free test” option, makes posible to design a test with as much sensors as needed.

EDS Software records data with user customized configuration and displays real time results. Graphs display live sensors one by one or all of them at the same time. You will be able to choose between linear or logarithmic time scales.

Full Automatic - Test is done from beginning to end without intervention by the user

  • Different capacities are avaiable to meet the needs of our customers, models 20, 50 and 100 kN.
  • Totally automated for data adquisition thanks to EDS software.
  • Test are automatically carried out from beginning to end.
  • Post-analisys EDS Software generates high quality real time charts and graphs that can be exported even during the test, if desired.

Technical features

Cross beam adjustable in height

Speed range: 0.000005 to 5.50000 mm/minute. / 10 mm/ minute.

Micros for stroke limits

Test frame characteristics

Load capacity: 50 kN

Maximum vertical clearance: 900 mm

Minimum vertical clearance: 430 mm

Horizontal clearance: 290 mm

Plate diameter: 180 mm

Plate stroke: 100 mm

Dimensions: (L x W x H) 480 x 550 x 1480 mm

Power supply: 220 V monofásica. 50 Hz

Weight: 105 kg

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