Catalogue SOILMATIC - Consolidation (Constant Rate of Strainl - CRS)

Consolidation testing system (Constant Rate of Strain Cell)

Ref.: S0107/SM

Consolidation testing system (Constant Rate of Strain Cell - CRS)

Back pressure: 1000 kPa

Pressure Cell: 1000kPa

Maximum load: 50KN

Sample sizes: 63 mm - 70 mm - 100 mm

Other diameters / pressure ranges - Consult us


ASTM D-4186

Standard configuration:

  • CRS / TDS Cell
  • One S0169/SM
  • Load frame
  • Displacement transducer
  • Force transducer
  • Pressure transducer

The Proeti Constant Rate of Strain Cell (CRS / TDC) is a load frame based one dimensional consolidation cell capable of applying back pressure and measuring pore pressures up to 1000kPa and 3000kPa (Other pressure ranges - Consult us).

Coupled with Proeti pressure maintainers and EDS software the system will run the entire test from start to finish through a loading path specified by the user using constant rate of strain loading.

The system fully automates the performance of a Consolidation test. Once a soil sample is in place, and the test conditions selected, the EDS software will run the entire consolidation test from start to finish.

The system consolidates the sample through a loading path specified by the user using constant rate of strain. To avoid running the test too fast (excess pore pressures become too large for the transducer) or too slow (the test takes too long), EDS software uses Excess Pore Pressure Limits.

These limits give the user a great deal of control over how a constant strain rate test is run.

The system is used during back pressure saturation as well as maintaining a constant cell pressure during the consolidation phase of the test.

A typical consolidation test can be completed in 24 to 36 hrs. on most materials.

Standard system

Typically, a Proeti pressure maintainer is used to apply the back pressure. A standard load frame controls the vertical stress and strain. A force transducer placed at the end of a piston measures the force and pore pressure is measured by a transducer connected to the base filter stone. The sample itself is confined between two porous plates in a loose steel ring, which prevents horizontal deformation, and reduces friction.

Technical specification

Construction material: Anodised aluminum with perpex.

Pressure relief valve included.

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