Catalogue SOILMATIC - Pressure / Volume maintainer - Type B

Pressure / volume maintainer Soilmatic Standard - 3000 kpa

Ref.: S0169/SM30

Pressure / volume maintainer Soilmatic Standard

Pressure range:

0 - 2MPa (0-20 bar) - S0169/SM/20

0 - 3MPa (0-30 bar) - S0169/SM/30

0 - 4MPa (0-40 bar) - S0169/SM/40

0 - 5MPa (0-50 bar) - S0169/SM/50

Volume capacity: 230cc

Interface: Touchscreen / connection USB

The Proeti Standard Pressure/Volume Maintainer is a general-purpose water pressure source and volume change gauge. It is designed for use in commercial and teaching soil mechanics laboratories. A motor and screw-drive actuate a piston which directly pressurises water. The pressure is regulated under closed-loop control (PID). The change in volume is measured to 1cu mm (0.001cc) by counting the pulses (encoder).

The Pressure/Volume Maintainer, typically operating at 3MPa/230cc, provides a cost-effective direct replacement for conventional soil mechanics laboratory pressure sources and volume change gauges. Above all, the device has its own computer interface and so can be controlled directly from a computer.

It is ideal as a back pressure source where it can also measure the change in volume of the test specimen. Also, it automatically protects itself from pressure and volume over-ranges In stand-alone mode, the instrument is a constant pressure source which can replace traditional laboratory pressure sources such as mercury column, compressed air, pumped oil and dead weight devices. It is also a volume change gauge resolving to 1 mm3.

The device can be controlled directly from a computer using its own full speed USB 2.0 / 3.0 interface.

EDS software supplied allows full controller functionality to be accessed by means of the full speed USB 2.0 interface.

The software allows the user to program “n” pressure steps that can be either incremental or decremental, this is very useful to program a saturation.

The instrument may also be controlled via the touchscreen without the need of a PC.

The pressure / volume maintanier automatically protects itself from pressure and volume overranges.

Technical features:

Pressure range: 0 - 2 MPa (0-20 bar), 0 - 3 MPa (0-30 bar), 0 - 4 MPa (0-40 bar), 0 - 5 MPa (0-50 bar)

Volumetric capacity: 230cc

Resolution of measurement - pressure/volumen: 0,1 KPa/1mm3

Accuracy of measurement:

Pressure <0,10% F.E.

Volume <0,3% meassured value with ± 100mm3

Closed-loop control of pressure (PID): ± 0,1KPa

Dimensions: 550 x 100 x 125 mm

Weight: 5,5 Kg (empty)

Power: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz.

Ambient temperature range: +10°C .+30°C

User interface: Touchscreen (optional)

PC interface: USB 2.0 + EDS software

Maximum velocity: 0 mm3/s


Pressure / volumen maintainers can be used:


  • Pressure cell
  • Backpressure.
  • Volume change device.


  • Can be used as high precison volume change device. (0,014 mm3)
  • Can be used where a high precison pressure is needed
  • Can be used in research projetcs where a hydraulic gradient is needed.

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