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Vacuum Degassing Oven

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Touch-screen system designed to simulate in-service oxidative aging of asphalt binder according to ASTM D5621, AASHTO R-28, and EN 14769 standards.

The Vacuum Degassing Oven (VDO Touch) introduces new technology and exclusive features while maintaining all of the characteristics that made the original PROETI VDO reliable and efficient. Designed to remove the air bubbles from aged asphalt binder and other materials, the VDO Touch meets ASTM D6521, AASHTO R-28, and EN 14769 test standards as part of the PG grading according to Superpave. As the first VDO system to feature digital touchscreen technology and programmable test parameters, the VDO Touch is unlike anything else currently on the market today.

Enhanced specimen capacity allows users to test a higher number of samples at the same time - increasing efficiency and saving valuable lab time.

With the VDO Touch, operators now have the option to test up to eight four ounce samples or four eight ounce samples.

Programmable Test Parameters

Each VDO Touch features a seven inch industrial strength touchscreen display, ideal for the newly designed software. Programmable parameters allow the user to enter a custom temperature (room temperature to 200°C), soak time (0 to 4,320 minutes), and degas time (0 to 4,320 minutes).

Unit Properties: Self contained automatic vacuum system with illuminated power light and programmable touchscreen controller

Temperature Range: Room temperature to 200°C

Soak Time: Up to 4,320 minutes

Degass Time: Up to 4,320 minutes

Unit Dimensions: 24 inches wide x 16 inches deep x 12 inches high

Operating Pressure: Adjustable from 15 kPa to atmosphere

Pressure Safety Release: Solenoid Valve

Inlet:Internal air pump

Construction: Stainless steel

Sample Capacity: Up to (8) four ounce samples or (4) eight ounce samples

Alarm: Audio and visual alarm

Temperature Accuracy: ± 5°C at 170°C

Vacuum Gage: Indicated in both kPa and in. hg.

Power Requirements: 230 VAC/50-60 Hz or 115 VAC/60 Hz

VDO Verification kit

• Vacuum Gage (NIST traceable optional)

• Calibration Block

• Vessel Cap

• Thermometer (NIST traceable optional)

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