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Extra Large / Large Wheel Tracker and Roller Compactor

Ref.: IPC01000

Standard EN1697-22 y EN1267-33
The AUSTRACK Extra-Large / Large Wheel Tracker & Roller Compactor is a combination machine capable of meeting the requirements of EN 12697-22 (6.1 and 6.2) Wheel tracking and EN 12697- 33 Specimen Prepared by Roller Compactor: Steel Roller Method.
Axial load is applied by a digitally servo controlled large diameter base mounted servo pneumatic actuator with a maximum capacity of 30kN. Roller guided mould facilitates safe and easy sample preparation, insertion and extraction. An insulated enclosure provides sound proofing and temperature control from ambient to 60ºC.

Specimen sizes
Two modular mould sizes made up in sections enables compaction of materials in one or more layers to various depths (±2 mm) e.g.:
• 500 x 180 x 50 mm
• 500 x 180 x 100 mm
• 500 x 180 x 200 mm
• 700 x 500 x 100 mm
• 700 x 500 x 200 mm
• 700 x 500 x 300 mm

AUSTRACK is able to accommodate both asphalt and unbound material materials to depths up to 300mm.
Roller Compactor Exceeds EN 12697-33 : Specimen prepared by roller compactor.
Two smooth steel rollers:
• Track width 180 mm, 700 mm diameter
• Track width 500 mm, 700 mm diameter
The device is capable of applying loads from 5 to 30 kN.
Innovative design facilitates quick and easy changeover from roller compaction to wheel tracking. The segmented roller neatly pivots out of the way to expose the wheel.

Wheel Trac king
Exceeds the specification of EN 12697-22 Large size and Extra-Large size devices.
Las er rut DEPTH meas urement
Accurate and precise laser rut depth measurement:
✓✓ Automated programmable
✓✓ Non-contact
✓✓ Wear free
User definable:
✓✓ Periodic measurement intervals (e.g. measure after every 200 wheel tracks)
✓✓ Longitudinal position intervals (i.e. how many measurements passes along the length of the specimen)
✓✓ Multiple transverse positions
Perform long term wheel tracking test and periodic rut depth measurements without user intervention.

CONTROL_Renown ed Softwar e and Control
UTS test application software is proven and is used extensively by transport departments and research laboratories around the world. UTS software delivers:
• Fast and easy test setup for ultimate control
• Clear and accurate testing results presentation for easy in-depth analysis of pavement material performance.
• Displays ‘Live’ transducer levels from load cell, ram displacement transducer, cabinet temperature and specimen temperature.
• Controls key test parameters and displays a warning if parameters are outside tolerance
• Portable data files for remote reviewing, analysis and troubleshooting
• Powerful and professional Delphi software with real-time graphs
• Easy to read graphics screens for test set up and reviewing results.
Controlling AUSTRACK is Integrated Multi-Axis Control System (IMACS). IMACS delivers leading edge performance, unparalleled control and the ultimate in flexible data acquisition.
• Real-time digital computer control
• Excellent fidelity from the integrated acquisition and control functions at speeds up to 5kHz, simultaneous on all channels • Low data noise performance with at least 4x over-sampled data
• Exceptional data resolution and control with up to 20bit auto-ranging data acquisition
• Flash based firmware allows field updates of all modules
• USB communication port at 10Mb/s
• Total confidence in measurements from analogue inputs that auto-calibrate on power-up
• Measure and Control – axial load, tracking/compacting frequency/speed and temperature
• Measure – rut profile and axial displacement

Unique Combination Extra Large/Large Wheel Tracker & Roller Compactor
• Close to full scale wheel tracking at a fraction of the price of an Accelerated Pavement Tester (APT)
• Complies with EN12697-22 and EN12697-33
• Asphalt and Unbound Pavement Materials testing
• Specimen thicknesses 50mm to 300mm
• Programmable Automated high accuracy Laser rut depth measurement
• Heated Enclosure – up to 60°C
• 30kN Axial load capacity
• 550mm & 400mm pneumatic tyred wheels Complete confidence in your data and results
• We are proven and trusted supplies of advanced pavement testing instruments for the worlds leading pavement research laboratories
• Closely replicates real life loading conditions Saves you time and is easy to use
• Automated compaction, wheel tracking and rut depth measurement
• Technician friendly–quick and easy test set-up
• Easy, consistent and accurate specimen preparation Value for money
• Fully integrated, AUSTRACK has everything you need
• Refined systems that are robust and reliable
• Similar to APT (Accelerated Pavement Tester), but at a fraction of the price

XL Specimen Mould Sizes 700mm Long x 500mm Wide 3 x 100mm deep stackable moulds Specimens 50mm thick with packer(s)
XL Roller Compactor segment 500mm wide x 700mm diameter
XL Roller Compactor Load 30kN (or user defined load)
XL Roller Compactor Frequency/Speed Range 8 to 20 passes/min (half cycles)
XL Wheel Dimensions Trelleborg T522 6.00 R9 (approx. 550 mm dia. 110 ± 5mm wide)
XL Wheel Tracking Frequency/Speed Range 0.2 to 0.4 Hz
XL Wheel Tracking Load 10kN ± 0.1kN (or user defined load)
XL Travel of pneumatic tyre relative to specimen 700mm ± 5mm
Centre line of tyre track <10mm from theoretical centre
Angle of skew of tyre 0.0±0.5°

L Specimen Mould Sizes 500mm Long x 180mm Wide 2 x 100mm deep stackable moulds Specimens 50mm thick with packer(s)
L Roller Compactor segment 175mm wide x 700 mm diameter
L Roller Compactor capacity 30kN (or user defined load)
L Roller Compactor Frequency/Speed Range 8 to 20 passes/min (half cycles)
L Wheel Diameter Trelleborg T522 400 x 8 (approx. 425mm dia. 80 ± 5mm wide)
L Tracking Frequency/Speed Range 0.2 to 1Hz
L Wheel Tracking Load Capacity 5kN ± 0.05kN (or user defined load)
L Travel of pneumatic tyre relative to specimen 500mm ± 5mm
Centre line of tyre track <5mm from theoretical centre
Angle of skew of tyre 0.0 ± 0.5°

Temperature Range Up to 60°C ± 2°C
Rut depth measurement Automated Programmable Laser
Type of Laser HeNe (670nm red) <1mW (class 2)
Laser resolution 5μm
Laser accuracy/error 90μm (≤0.18% FSO)
Laser Measurement Range 50mm
Test Standards EN12697-22 Wheel Tracking
EN12697-33 Roller Compacting
Dimensions 2,045 (H) x 1,250 (D) x 2,420 (W) mm
Weight 1,200kg
Power Supply 415V 3 phase 20Amp
Air Supply 2.5 — 3.5lps at 750-1,000kPa (clean dry air)
* System provides for heating only

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