Catalogue Système de Test Servo-pneumatique (Dynamique test)

Servo-pneumatic Universal Testing System 5 kN

Ref.: IPC0400

Standars EN 12697-24, 12697-25, 12697-26, ASTM D4123, D3497, AASHTO TP31, TP8, TP62, TP46, TP307, BS DD226, NCHRP 1-28A
The UTM-5P series are universal servo-pneumatically controlled testing machines with capacities of 5kN. These machines utilize digital control of a pneumatic servo valve to provide accurate loading waveshapes of up to 70Hz.
The UTM-5 can be operated in tension, compression and dynamic loading and are suited to testing a diverse range of materials such as asphalt, soil, unbound granular materials, fibres and plastics.
The UTM-5 is enhanced with IMACS digital controller, UTS software and a full complement of accessories ensuring it is easy to set up and conduct your tests for international and local standards.

IMACS Digital Controller:
Integrated Multi-Axis Control System (IMACS) delivers leading-edge performance unparalleled real time control and the ultimate in flexible data acquisition. The IMACS provides excellent waveform fidelity from integrated acquisition and control functions, at speeds of up to 5kHz simultaneously on all channels, with 4 x oversampling for low noise performance and auto-ranging resolution of up 20bit.
UTS Software:
Developed over 20 years, test and control software (UTS) is known for its simplicity in use, clarity of results and analytical power. UTY allows for real time graphing of results and configurable real time transducer levels screen, as well as customizable test templates to streamline the testing process.

A virtually limitless range of testing accessories is available for the UTM – 5/14P system including grips, compression platens, tri-axial cells, indirect tensile fixtures, transducers, jigs and other customer specified items.


  • Robust, high-strength and compact 2-Column load frame
  • Precision engineered for high stiffness and alignment
  • Digital Servo-Pneumatic control
  • Adjustable crosshead positioning
  • Fully customizable to suit a large range of testing applications
  • 2 axis control and 8 channel data acquisition as standard, upgradeable up to 8 axes control and 32 channel acquisition

Loading Frame & Actuator
Actuator Capacity: +/- 5kN
Frequency: Up to 70Hz
Between Columns: 345 mm
Vertical Space: 600 mm
Stroke: +/-15 mm
Size: 1000(H) x 300(D) x 450(W) mm
Weight: 80kg
Air Supply: Clean dry air
Pressure: 800 – 900 kPa
Minimum Rate: 5 liters/sec

IMACS Controller
Size: 270H x 350D x 460W mm
Weight: 11kg
Mains Power: 220–240V 50/60Hz or 110-120V 50/60Hz

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