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Side Mounted Environmental

Ref.: IPC0420

We offer a range of environmental chambers to suit their testing systems, allowing the user to analyze the performance of materials at non-ambient temperatures.
The side mounted refrigeration unit models can accommodate UTM-5P/14P or Pneumatic Four Point Bending Apparatus
• Stainless steel construction • Double glazed, Lo E glass, full sized door • Interior light
• Facilities for internal shelving (kit optional)
• Chamber can accommodate UTM-5P/14P or BFA complete system
Two Temperature Ranges
Temperature range 2˚C to +60°C  Or -15˚C to +60˚C
Temperature Stability +/- 0.2˚C
Dimensions and Weight
Compartment dimensions 515mm W x 650mm D x 530mm H Chamber dimensions 800mm W x 590mm D* x 1200mm H (*540mm for the -15˚C to +60˚C model)
External dimensions 1410mm W x 770mm D x 1300mm H Weight 170kg
220—240V / 50Hz—15A (single phase) or 208—230V / 60Hz—15A (single phase)

HIGH QUALITY MECHANICAL REFRIGERATION SYSTEM. These chambers use a high quality mechanical refrigeration system to enable the user to analyze material´s  properties at real-life working temperatures (between -15ºC and 60ºC) for extended periods. The excellent temperature homogeneity and gradients, achieved with the internal fan and baffles controlling air circulation, give greater confidence in your test results.

The chambers is constructed of high quality stainless steel thus ensuring superior performance and appearance for years to come. The internal light and full size double glazed window in the door allow un-obscured visibility for observation of the specimen during the test.
The side mounted refrigeration units models include compartments for housing the Control & Data Acquisition System and air reservoir assembly.

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