Catalogue SOILMATIC - Consolidation - Multi-test Automatic oedometer

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Multi-test Automatic oedometer

Ref.: S0105/SM3

Multi-test Automatic oedometer

Carry out three automatic consolidation tests simultaneously

Increase your productivity / Increase in test results accuracy


Proetisa’s automated Soilmatic oedometer is an innovative tool replacing traditional oedometers that required the operator to manually place loads.

Proetisa’s Soilmatic series SEA is an automated and computer controlled system with an incremental load controller. Loads are applied or removed without needing to use compressed air systems nor place / remove

loads by hand. Tests are fully automatized without human intervention.

EDS software makes possible to program great number of incremental load steps in advance, therefore when one of the steps is completed, the system will automatically proceed to the next one. With our automated system it is possible to carry out any test performed with traditional oedometers: oedometer consolidation, free swell, pressure swell, collapse tests, etc. as well as sample consolidation for direct shear tests, etc.

With the Soilmatic oedometer, laboratory operators will be available to carry out any other task. One single machine can reliably accomplish the task performed by various traditional oedometers, thus reducing costs and increasing productivity while delivering reliability and accuracy.

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