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Automated Permeability Testing System

Ref.: S0220/SMP

Automated Permeability Testing System


The Soilmatic permeability system provides a unique and versatile way to run flexible wall permeability tests on a wide variety of materials quickly and accurately.

The system can measure permeabilities of cohesive soils varying from 10-4 to 10-9 cm/sec. With the appropriate test cells, this one system can determine the permeability of some silty clays within minutes.

The pressure / volumen maintainers includes a motor, pressure chamber and piston, pressure transducer, PID control and USB communications. Versions of the unit are available with flow volumes of 233 cm3 and bigger capacities.

Flexible wall tests are run in a fully automated mode with three pressure / volume maintainers:

One controls cell pressure and flow of cell

One controls bottom sample

One controls top sample.

This configuration allows great versatility to run fully automated permeability tests with isotropic or anisotropic.

The entire test can be automatically controlled, data captured and displayed in real time, and test reports prepared on a PC.

You just have to configure the test with the desired parameters and the software will automatically proceed to saturate the sample. Once the sample is saturated, EDS Software will stop the system and inform you that the saturation process has finished.

The triaxial system is controlled by our leading-edge EDS A.I. software that automates permeability, saturation test itself

Later analisys, you will be able to process and plot all the recorded data and calculate:

  • Permeability coefficient
  • Hydraulic Gradient
  • Flow between to points.
  • Send data to Excel

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