Catalogue Corrosion detection mapping of concrete structures

Equipment for corrosion detection mapping of concrete structures

Ref.: H0389


iCOR™ is a hand-held device that measures several parameters from the surface of concrete and then analyzes them using advanced algorithms embedded in the device. These quick calculations determine the ‘rate of corrosion’ and ‘corrosion potential’ in the reinforcement as well as the ‘resistivity of concrete’ which are the most important factors in evaluating the service life of a concrete structure. It also records the temperature and humidity of the testing environment which can be used for further analysis of remaining service life of structures.


iCOR™ is a unique device for condition assessment of reinforced concrete structures that can be used for:

• Detection of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures

• Measurement of corrosion rate in existing concrete structures

• Measurement of the electrical resistivity of concrete

• Determination of corrosion potential of rebar in concrete

• Assessment of concrete durability on site

• Rehabilitation and repair of concrete structures


• Easy-to-use: no rebar contact is required, requires minimum training

• Fast: measurements within seconds

• Accurate: comparable to laboratory techniques

• Non-destructive: used for existing structures

• Non-subjective: algorithm-based interpretations

• Efficient: detect initial signs of corrosion


Measurement Time: 3 to 30 s

Applied Voltage Range: <30 V

Measurement Accuracy: 1 mV

Sampling Rate: 0.3 s

Input Impedance: >10 M ohm

Temperature Measurement Range: -30 ~ 60 °C

Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ±0.5 °C

Humidity Measurement Range: 0 ~ 100 %

Humidity Measurement Accuracy: ±3%

Communication Protocol: Bluetooth V4.0 LE

Probe Weight: 250 gr

Operating Conditions

Operating temperature: 0 ~ 45 °C

Operating humidity: 10 ~ 95%

Storage temperature: -20 ~ 70°C

Storage humidity: 10 ~ 80%

Dimensions of the Probe: 200 mm x 50 mm (D x H)

Half-Cell Potencial Corrosion Mapping

Ref.: H0429

XCell™ | Half-Cell Corrosion Mapping

XCell™ is a smart tablet-based NDT probe for fast, accurate and efficient detection and on-site analysis of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures. Giatec XCell™ meets all the requirements of the ASTM C876 standard specification.

XCell™ benefits from an advanced Bluetooth-enabled maintenance-free sensor that measures the corrosion potential and sends it wirelessly to a tablet for generating half-cell contour plots (i.e. corrosion maps) in real-time. The results can be shared easily with the engineering office. Giatec XCell™ significantly reduces the labor cost associated with the data collection and subsequent contour plot generation and reporting.


XCell™ can be used for efficient and accurate corrosion mapping according to the ASTM C876, “Standard Test Method for Half-Cell Potentials of Uncoated Reinforcing Steel in Concrete”. The results are analyzed using the Android-based application onsite for the identification of locations with high probability of corrosion.


  • Single-person operation device
  • Maintenance-free electrode
  • Tablet/Smart-phone operation device
  • Upside down operation capability
  • Easy grid generation (on Tablet or Smartphone)
  • Fast data assignment to grid points
  • Real-time contour plotting
  • Automated temperature correction
  • Easy data sharing
  • Bluetooth V4.0 LE technology

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